Hillary Clinton Talks About Glass Ceilings (Hint, Hint)

“When women and girls have an opportunity to participate, we can lift up not just ourselves but our families, communities, and even our countries,” Clinton said. “This isn’t just a story about women and girls. It is a universal story about the kind of world we want for our children and grandchildren.”

I am extremely excited about this campaign. No Ceilings is a campaign run by Hillary Clinton and supported by many influential women. Clinton is bringing an aspect to politics that never existed so dominantly as it does right now. The issue of gender inequality. I think this will definitely help Hillary in the 2016 elections (if she decides to run…). A woman presidential candidate is a huge deal and I’m hoping that it can become a reality one day. It would be the biggest leap for women equality to hit the United States. Compared to many European countries our gender equality game is not so hot. Even if Clinton does not get elected as president I think it is still substantial that there is a woman finally being considered as the leader of our nation. Baby steps first I guess but I have faith that the U.S. will get there eventually. Maybe one day there will even be two woman candidates rivaling against each other. Now that would be exciting.



Gender equality: What’s in it for men?

I have to admit that I am even guilty of giving in to stereotyping gender roles in the work place. When I used to see a male nurse I would automatically think, “Why did that man want to become a nurse?” I was so used to women being nurses that seeing a man as a nurse made me question them. I did not think it was wrong but I was taught from a young age that women become nurses. This horrible thinking is what is feeding into the inequality of genders. Whether it is a man wanting to be a nurse or a woman wanting to be a firefighter, there should never be a gender associated with a certain occupation. An occupation is not assigned a gender, therefore, we should not assign any gender a job. Keeping an open mind and accepting a person for what they want to do in life is nice way of thinking and in a perfect world it would be a simple notion but we do not live in a simple world. As long as specific jobs are stereotyped to a gender our nation will not grow and if our nation does not grow then our future is rather bleak.


Gender equality remains ‘humanity’s biggest project,’ declares UN official

Gender equality and women’s empowerment has been discussed greatly around the world. There are some in the UN who are solely devoted to the cause and have high hopes for 2015. On International Women’s Day, UN senior member Lakshmi Puri was interviewed about the subject and asked to give her take on gender equality around the world. She called the fight for gender equality humanity’s biggest project in this century and I would agree with her. Our world is a place that needs much evaluation and reflection on how we treat each other, for it is a cruel place. There is violence that plagues our planet; violence against women and girls around the world. But, it does not come without it’s moments of light which brighten up the future for a better tomorrow. Puri is working on an agenda to make sure these countries that show abuse toward women not only refrain from violence against women and girls but that they take action to protect women from violence. With a fighting attitude like Puri has the world looks as though it can change, though change is always slow it happens everyday.


School Gender Equality Game Causes Outrage in Italy

“Game of Respect is intended to challenge the perception of gender through play among young children aged three to six. One of its features is a traditional memory game of matching cards, which illustrate men and women in roles which are supposed to challenge gender stereotypes, such as female firefighters and builders and males teaching and doing the ironing.”

I think that this is a great idea. Savino says that the children won’t understand this theme for they are too young but I say that the whole point is to raise children where they don’t see the theme in the first place because it does not exist to them. If we raise kids in a world where gender does not define a person’s occupation or paycheck then maybe the future generations will not even know of gender equality as an issue. Teaching children this lesson at such a young age makes it possible for them to grow up without a certain perception towards any single occupation so that whatever occupation they are drawn to as they grow will be a possibility for them without the hinderance of gender stereotyping or roles.


Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running Unopposed. She’s Just Crushing the Competition.

Though Hillary Clinton has experienced a little bit of scandal this past month, she is still the Democratic front runner to win the Presidency. Clinton is crushing the competition because she has worked most of her life to get to this point. He campaign for gender equality is definitely helping to keep her relevant and a front runner. Her campaign feels fresh and unlike any other, not just because she is a woman but because no other presidential candidate has ever fought so hard on this issue. She is carrying an essence of girl power with her everywhere she goes and making women proud to see her competing in such a high stakes game. If the party’s powerbrokers didn’t want to support Clinton and instead really wanted Sen. Michael Bennet to run, or Gov. Andrew Cuomo to lead the party, they would be working toward that outcome. Instead, they’re lining up behind Clinton and giving her all of their support. Is it just because Clinton is a woman? I don’t think so. How incredibly idiotic would that be. No, they are behind her because they like what she stands for and want her to have a chance. Although being the first woman candidate certainly isn’t hindering her.


Scientists Call For Moratorium On Human Genetic Experiments

Genetic research into the alteration of a person’s DNA is a hot topic among the science community and those who would like to genetically alter themselves or others. Some may be into this research for looks. For example, being able to pick the sex of your baby but also their eye color, hair color, etc. A more serious use of this research is that of those who are looking to alter disease and sickness so that we may be able to find the gene that causes Alzheimers and work toward finding a cure. But there are many who would pay to decide exactly what their babies looked like. To design the features according to what they see fit. The Moratorium Plea is not to stop gene editing, for scientists use gene editing in order to study and cure medical diseases but to put limits on it so that it does not alter a baby’s complete genetic code, such as using this technology on cosmetics. There are already enough difficulties that can result from child birth. Why add more to the mix? Some scientists believe that if people continue to try and alter their baby in certain ways it could cause permanent damage for the future generations born from he bodies of these alterations.