Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running Unopposed. She’s Just Crushing the Competition.

Though Hillary Clinton has experienced a little bit of scandal this past month, she is still the Democratic front runner to win the Presidency. Clinton is crushing the competition because she has worked most of her life to get to this point. He campaign for gender equality is definitely helping to keep her relevant and a front runner. Her campaign feels fresh and unlike any other, not just because she is a woman but because no other presidential candidate has ever fought so hard on this issue. She is carrying an essence of girl power with her everywhere she goes and making women proud to see her competing in such a high stakes game. If the party’s powerbrokers didn’t want to support Clinton and instead really wanted Sen. Michael Bennet to run, or Gov. Andrew Cuomo to lead the party, they would be working toward that outcome. Instead, they’re lining up behind Clinton and giving her all of their support. Is it just because Clinton is a woman? I don’t think so. How incredibly idiotic would that be. No, they are behind her because they like what she stands for and want her to have a chance. Although being the first woman candidate certainly isn’t hindering her.



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