Scientists Call For Moratorium On Human Genetic Experiments

Genetic research into the alteration of a person’s DNA is a hot topic among the science community and those who would like to genetically alter themselves or others. Some may be into this research for looks. For example, being able to pick the sex of your baby but also their eye color, hair color, etc. A more serious use of this research is that of those who are looking to alter disease and sickness so that we may be able to find the gene that causes Alzheimers and work toward finding a cure. But there are many who would pay to decide exactly what their babies looked like. To design the features according to what they see fit. The Moratorium Plea is not to stop gene editing, for scientists use gene editing in order to study and cure medical diseases but to put limits on it so that it does not alter a baby’s complete genetic code, such as using this technology on cosmetics. There are already enough difficulties that can result from child birth. Why add more to the mix? Some scientists believe that if people continue to try and alter their baby in certain ways it could cause permanent damage for the future generations born from he bodies of these alterations.


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