Gender equality remains ‘humanity’s biggest project,’ declares UN official

Gender equality and women’s empowerment has been discussed greatly around the world. There are some in the UN who are solely devoted to the cause and have high hopes for 2015. On International Women’s Day, UN senior member Lakshmi Puri was interviewed about the subject and asked to give her take on gender equality around the world. She called the fight for gender equality humanity’s biggest project in this century and I would agree with her. Our world is a place that needs much evaluation and reflection on how we treat each other, for it is a cruel place. There is violence that plagues our planet; violence against women and girls around the world. But, it does not come without it’s moments of light which brighten up the future for a better tomorrow. Puri is working on an agenda to make sure these countries that show abuse toward women¬†not only refrain from violence against women and girls but that they take action to protect women from violence. With a fighting attitude like Puri has the world looks as though it can change, though change is always slow it happens everyday.


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