Gender equality: What’s in it for men?

I have to admit that I am even guilty of giving in to stereotyping gender roles in the work place. When I used to see a male nurse I would automatically think, “Why did that man want to become a nurse?” I was so used to women being nurses that seeing a man as a nurse made me question them. I did not think it was wrong but I was taught from a young age that women become nurses. This horrible thinking is what is feeding into the inequality of genders. Whether it is a man wanting to be a nurse or a woman wanting to be a firefighter, there should never be a gender associated with a certain occupation. An occupation is not assigned a gender, therefore, we should not assign any gender a job. Keeping an open mind and accepting a person for what they want to do in life is nice way of thinking and in a perfect world it would be a simple notion but we do not live in a simple world. As long as specific jobs are stereotyped to a gender our nation will not grow and if our nation does not grow then our future is rather bleak.


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