Hillary Clinton Talks About Glass Ceilings (Hint, Hint)

“When women and girls have an opportunity to participate, we can lift up not just ourselves but our families, communities, and even our countries,” Clinton said. “This isn’t just a story about women and girls. It is a universal story about the kind of world we want for our children and grandchildren.”

I am extremely excited about this campaign. No Ceilings is a campaign run by Hillary Clinton and supported by many influential women. Clinton is bringing an aspect to politics that never existed so dominantly as it does right now. The issue of gender inequality. I think this will definitely help Hillary in the 2016 elections (if she decides to run…). A woman presidential candidate is a huge deal and I’m hoping that it can become a reality one day. It would be the biggest leap for women equality to hit the United States. Compared to many European countries our gender equality game is not so hot. Even if Clinton does not get elected as president I think it is still substantial that there is a woman finally being considered as the leader of our nation. Baby steps first I guess but I have faith that the U.S. will get there eventually. Maybe one day there will even be two woman candidates rivaling against each other. Now that would be exciting.



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