School Gender Equality Game Causes Outrage in Italy

“Game of Respect is intended to challenge the perception of gender through play among young children aged three to six. One of its features is a traditional memory game of matching cards, which illustrate men and women in roles which are supposed to challenge gender stereotypes, such as female firefighters and builders and males teaching and doing the ironing.”

I think that this is a great idea. Savino says that the children won’t understand this theme for they are too young but I say that the whole point is to raise children where they don’t see the theme in the first place because it does not exist to them. If we raise kids in a world where gender does not define a person’s occupation or paycheck then maybe the future generations will not even know of gender equality as an issue. Teaching children this lesson at such a young age makes it possible for them to grow up without a certain perception towards any single occupation so that whatever occupation they are drawn to as they grow will be a possibility for them without the hinderance of gender stereotyping or roles.


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