Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running Unopposed. She’s Just Crushing the Competition.

Though Hillary Clinton has experienced a little bit of scandal this past month, she is still the Democratic front runner to win the Presidency. Clinton is crushing the competition because she has worked most of her life to get to this point. He campaign for gender equality is definitely helping to keep her relevant and a front runner. Her campaign feels fresh and unlike any other, not just because she is a woman but because no other presidential candidate has ever fought so hard on this issue. She is carrying an essence of girl power with her everywhere she goes and making women proud to see her competing in such a high stakes game. If the party’s powerbrokers didn’t want to support Clinton and instead really wanted Sen. Michael Bennet to run, or Gov. Andrew Cuomo to lead the party, they would be working toward that outcome. Instead, they’re lining up behind Clinton and giving her all of their support. Is it just because Clinton is a woman? I don’t think so. How incredibly idiotic would that be. No, they are behind her because they like what she stands for and want her to have a chance. Although being the first woman candidate certainly isn’t hindering her.



Scientists Call For Moratorium On Human Genetic Experiments

Genetic research into the alteration of a person’s DNA is a hot topic among the science community and those who would like to genetically alter themselves or others. Some may be into this research for looks. For example, being able to pick the sex of your baby but also their eye color, hair color, etc. A more serious use of this research is that of those who are looking to alter disease and sickness so that we may be able to find the gene that causes Alzheimers and work toward finding a cure. But there are many who would pay to decide exactly what their babies looked like. To design the features according to what they see fit. The Moratorium Plea is not to stop gene editing, for scientists use gene editing in order to study and cure medical diseases but to put limits on it so that it does not alter a baby’s complete genetic code, such as using this technology on cosmetics. There are already enough difficulties that can result from child birth. Why add more to the mix? Some scientists believe that if people continue to try and alter their baby in certain ways it could cause permanent damage for the future generations born from he bodies of these alterations.


A Lawmaker Asked If Women Could Get Gyno Exams By Swallowing A Camera

“On Feb. 23 the House State Affairs Committee met in Boise, Idaho, to discuss a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing the abortion pill through Telemedicine.”

Telemedicine is when a doctor use telecommunication and information technologies to diagnose a patient from a distance. This type of care helps those who cannot travel the distance to a doctor. At the meeting there was a doctor who spoke up saying that telemedicine colonoscopies have helped many and that telemedicine is useful technology. Idaho Representative Republican Vito Barbieri then asked her, “Can this same procedure then be done in a pregnancy? Swallowing a camera and helping the doctor determine what the situation is?” The doctors answer to the Representative was honest, yet so entertainingly funny. She gave the Berbieri the explanation of the female anatomy explaining that no, if a woman swallows something that does not mean that it will end up in her vagina. I actually felt kind of bad for the Representative because he must have felt so embarrassed and foolish after he thought about it. Maybe he never went through an anatomy class or sex ed. He tried to cover up his embarrassment by saying later that the question was rhetorical. I felt bad for the guy before he said that little tidbit. How on earth was that question rhetorical? This is not a rhetorical question.


The “Parks And Rec” Series Finale Ended With A Tribute To Harris Wittels

“Parks and Recreation” is one of my favorite shows. It has made me laugh until I cried and cried until I was laughing at myself crying. I have followed this show since it first started in 2009 and journeyed with it all the way to its last episode which aired this year. My favorite part of the show was its amazing characters and the phenomenal writing. Unfortunately, one of the main writers, Harris Wittels, passed away before the final season ended and in the final episode the show made a tribute to the late writer. See the tribute to Harris was the final step that put me over the edge into tears. Not only had my favorite show ended but I was reminded that I would never get to hear the hilarious well written words of Harris Wittels and that just crushed my soul. Thankfully, I can go back and watch the show from beginning to end any time I want and that brings comfort to me and makes these final endings bearable.


Mysterious Drones Seen Hovering Above Paris Landmarks For Two Nights Running

There were unmanned drones hovering above landmarks in Paris two nights in a row. What? Yes, police were deeply confused. Flying drones in Paris is illegal but there were a number of drones flying around with five sightings being reported. They were spotted in very significant places, such as the U.S. embassy, Invalides military museum and above Place de la Concorde and two of the old city gates. Although police have been tirelessly investigating they still do not have any leads and no one is coming forward to report any suspicions. They have no reason to believe there is anything malicious about the occurrence other than the breaking of the law by flying them in the first place. Is it a game? Paris’ Prefecture of Police hope to figure it out very soon.